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Duplifund for Individuals


  • Retirement - Creative options as supplements or alternatives to 401(k)s or IRAs, or as a way to set aside more than would otherwise be allowed.
  • Personal Needs Analysis - If I die, do I have enough to take care of my debts, expenses, taxes, and my family?
  • Policy Stress Test - Insurance products keep improving over time. Don't get left behind.
  • Family Split Dollar - Older generation owning life insurance on a younger family member, providing benefits for both parties.
  • Disability Income Insurance - Providing income in case of a long-term disability.
  • Self-Completing Savings - Making any long-term savings goal, including college or retirement, self-completing in case of disability.
  • College Savings Plans - 529 Plans, Coverdell Plans, and Alternative College Plans.
  • Long Term Care - Different ways to provide for the rising costs of nursing homes, in-home care, and other custodial care needs.


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