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Policy Stress Test


Insurance products keep improving over time. Don't get left behind. In some cases, older is better. But in many cases, changes in the features of newer coverage may make a new policy perform better in the long run than sticking with the old.

This is especially true with life insurance. Mind you, there are new start-up costs, a new new contestability period, and usually you need to still be healthy to qualify. That said, new kinds of life insurance - especially Indexed Universal Life (IUL), offer more efficient investment strategies with higher expected returns, uncapped vs. capped, higher participation rates, and better opportunities to use leverage. When considering these features, many advisors and their clients choose to move their coverage to the new generation of life insurance, so long as they understand the previously-mentioned caveats, and the fact that it takes a number of years for overall performance of a new policy to overcome the old policy.

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