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Brian Bell
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Office Number (832) 268-5000 Ext. 3
Cell Phone Number (832) 746-2533
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Brian Bell is the eldest son of the owner Larry Bell. After seeing the benefits of various financial products and services for himself and his family, Brian started working in the business June 2017.
Brian has lived in Houston for most of his life, and has a degree from the University of Houston. He has developed his own fitness and nutrition coaching business, BB Training, which he began at the beginning of 2013. Brian knows what it is like to be an entrepreneur and small business owner, and is set on devoting the skills he has learned to help further develop the family business. His focus is to continue to learn and advise about the benefits of financial products and services in order to improve client outcomes. An ideal client for Brian would be a young to middle-aged active person who is a high earner, and who owns real estate, stocks, or other appreciable assets. Brian is a very patient teacher and welcomes questions by all of his current and potential clients.
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